i just wanted to make a quick post on why i ask for votes for my blog at this link.

the reason i do, is because i love love LOVE staying home with my son amos. san diego is a super expensive place to live (one of the top in the nation), and so for most people to live here they need to streams of income. ever since becoming pregnant i have brainstormed ways to bring in extra revenue while still spending time home with my baby. this will get even more important as we have more children and they reach pre-school, grade school age - as i would love to homeschool.

right now i am working monday, tuesday, and wednesday evenings at a juvenile hall teaching young women graphic design. i really enjoy the job, but it is a definite strain on our family. i plan on doing this through the end of summer, and once my husband starts his graduate school program at the university of san diego, i will have to quit to be home with amos.

the two ways i plan on bringing in income (and would love to add to this list!) is my etsy shop: see the skyline designs, and eventually blog advertisements - as seen on these blogs that i love to follow of stay at home mamas: mycakies, bleubird vintage, beautiful journey and harpers happenings. i know i still have a long way to go to produce a steady flow of visitors and create material that is both interesting and aesthetically pleasing - but i am up for the challenge!

last month i had the most viewers to date: 5,859!!! and the number keeps growing. this month i had a high of 501 unique page views in one day. i'm also up to 50 google followers! this is such wonderful news as i love sharing my life, my thoughts, and my wimpy little photographs. ;) and i love the idea of giving full-time to blogging, writing, and creating so that i can do what i love the most and be home with my family.

where does top baby blogs come in?

well, top baby blogs is a great search engine sight for other mom's and women who have the same interests as i do. it is where i found some of my favorite blogs that i follow, and is a great place for other's to stop in at my site and see if it's something they are interested in following long term. this creates more viewers, and more reason for people to promote their blogs/shops on my site for eyes to see (and hopefully click on!).

so, i plan on doing this very few and far between - but if you would like to vote you can just click the link below, and then click on the owl on the left. every vote counts. you can vote once every 24 hours, and every computer is registered as a new vote: iphones, ipads, etc.

thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and for voting (if you felt so lead). i appreciate all my readers, both friends and strangers.


  1. that's so crazy that you found my blog after being a xanga friend!! what a small online world ;)

  2. I love you and FULLY SUPPORT YOU AND VOTE for you daily!

    I LOVE BLOGS! I can't believe you are like #29.. YOU GO GIRLFRAND!

    I need to take a html coding 101 course because my lack of knowledge in this area makes me not want to blog bc I am a perfectionist and want it to look PERFECT

  3. i vote for you twice a day! once on my computer and once on my nook! maybe one day i'll have a super cool blog and be in the top 1,000 :) haha!


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