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hi tiffany readers! this is al from afterhissmile.com. my sweet friend tiffany is out of town for a few days & offered to let me do a guest post on her great blog. so here it is... 
i am a wife, mommy, lover of the Lord, vegan, photographer, home keeper, etc. 
the majority of what i talk about on my blog is how the Lord is sanctifying me through being "mommy". 
i NEVER knew how much mothering is really just constant sanctification! all day long you can either give in to your frustrations or choose to be more like Christ, by His grace! what a joy & what a heavy calling.
our sweet jude is 3 years old. he is hilarious. he says the funniest things all day long. he loves to read books & play with cars. i need to be better at writing down the things he says. i want to remember these days & moments. i don't want to take them for granted.
our feisty sammy is 18 months, wow he's growing so fast. the way he runs cracks me up. he wants to do whatever his big brother is doing all day long. he is a daddy's boy!!! he just wants daddy all day long. i remember when jude went through this stage & i LOVE that our boys look up to daddy & think he's the greatest! i pray that never changes!

i need grace for these moments & days. i NEED my Savior all day, everyday! i can do no good apart from Him.
our family values quality time together & eating healthy food. i LOVE trying new recipes, even though the boys don't. ;) mike & i like eating different foods, i think it's really important to keep a good variety in your diet. lots of color is important. ah, i could go on & on about food & health... just checkout my blog for more. ;) 

so i have a little healthy giveaway for one lucky winner!
homemade GRANOLA!!!
(vegan, sweetened with honey)
ah, yum!!!! i eat this every morning with coconut milk yogurt & frozen berries! sooo delicious!
i'll make up a batch for the winner & send it off! :) 
here's how you enter...
post about this blog post on facebook, twitter or your blog & 
leave separate comments below. the winner will be chosen on april 2nd!
thanks friends! don't forget to checkout www.afterhissmile.com.

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