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hi there, i'm al from www.afterhissmile.com. when i started my blog my plan was to do/write about anything having to do with family & being a mommy... so i did a lot of recipes & some DIYs (the normal mommy blog stuff), but as i've grown in my blog i'm reminded that THE MOST important thing to cling to as mommy is the gospel of Christ. what are we, what do we have apart from Him? our efforts are empty & failing without our gracious Father sustaining us.


our days as mommies & followers of Christ feel so pointless when we start feeling "what are we accomplishing?" it can be overwhelming at times... folding clean clothes & putting them away just to get them dirty again, washing dishes just to fill them with food & dirty them again, cleaning floors that will have dust & dirt scattered in minutes. but what joy to worship our Father in the daily... many days of repeat, dirty & clean, empty & full. our Father does this with us daily. we sin & He returns us to fellowship with Him as we repent & on & on it goes. this is redemption's work. filling what is empty, & making beautiful what was ugly. we are rehearsing the gospel in all of our mundane tasks. we are bringing Him glory. may we see our many days in a new light. He does not grow weary & impatient with us, praise the Lord! may He give us the grace to not grow weary or faint.


the gospel proclaimed through pears sliced & juice poured to fill a little one's belly that will only be empty again. He sees us in our need & fills us & all glory is to Him.

thanks for asking me to post tiff!!! thanks for reading friends... stop by www.afterhissmile.com & say "hi". 

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