oh how gutsy it is to open your heart, and let another peer in!

you know what i think is really awesome? like so awesome and so incredible and makes me SO EXCITED? when people i love, especially people in the church, become really gutsy and do something they love - especially when that thing benefits other people.

i LOVE creative people actually taking time to use their giftings, and selflessly (and with all the vulnerability that requires) allows others to partake of what they create.

i LOVE when the church gets educated (in whatever form that looks like) and benefits society by stepping into powerful arenas - by making money (a pretty risky calling, if you ask me), creating business ideas, excelling in their career - all while glorifying the Lord.


i love that every morning i can dance to will matthew's music with my toddler and baby - and that our hearts can come alive through his gift and effort.
i love watching my best friend brittany run an innovative jewelry company called the giving keys.
i love seeing creativity flow through our friend blaise as he expresses the message God is forming in his heart.
i love reading blogs, especially blogs with intentionality, like those of my friends allison and britney that i know bless so many mothers and women who get to peek into their lives.
i love how incredibly talented and creative my friend aaron vandenbroucke is.
i love that an old friend, katherine smith, is traveling the world to bless, blog, cook, and encounter culture and is sharing it with everyone.
i love watching another fellow mother create incredible art and sell it on etsy.
i love seeing my friend chelsea and her husband philip create handmade industrial lighting fixtures that have turned into a thriving small business.
i love seeing my bff courtney take unique beads and turn them into earrings that people are buying and wearing.

[if i missed you, let me know and i'll add you!!!]

from personal experience i know sharing your life, your creative work, even your simple thoughts is risky. it opens up doors of criticism, accusation, and hurtful words.

but beyond that, and this is the beautiful part, is that is gives, in a tangible way, a piece of that person, and even more - an insight into the beauty of God - and offers it to the world. to the saved and unsaved. rather it helps support your family, or gives you an outlet, or whatever the motivation behind the work - it's ballsy. pardon me, but it is. and i applaud all those that TRIED. and are TRYING. and keep offering something up. keep singing their little song that was meant to be sung. keep illuminating their little corner of the world, or of the free market :), or of the creative outflow that is humanity.

and i want to encourage everyone to support your local business, your small companies, your handmade stuff (especially the church supporting the church). BUY the music you listen to. connect people - be a networker for the church and the entrepreneurs found within it. pray that God would give you divine business ideas. a new way to teach a concept. a song. a painting. an invention that will make millions and fund the preaching of the gospel to the ends of the earth. write that book you've always talked about. take that class. be daring.

and be your fellow brother or sisters biggest fan. trumpet their talents and cheer them on. pray for them and their endeavors.

and that is my soapbox for the day. :)

and i leave you with this incredible piece by woolflax.


  1. Hi Tiffany! I found you through Al's blog and this post really spoke to me. I wanted to thank you for writing it...exactly what I needed to hear!! God bless you and your family.

  2. Right on the spot! This blog served as a reminder to me and how we as Christians should be supporting each other :)


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