i love my hometown.

i fly out of my little beach town to my beloved midwest in 3 days...
i haven't been home for more than 36 hours for an entire year!

my heart is so full of love.
my precious little sister is having a baby...
the timing may seem a little off,
but God delights in showing mercy -
and we are overjoyed to bring a new one into our big crazy family.

we have issues, no doubt, but we have love
(and confidence that He who began a good work,
would be faithful to complete it)

words are swirling around that it may indeed be a white christmas.
i've never appreciated (nor anticipated) time off work as i have this next little stint.
the onething conference is coming, and a new year never goes by that doesn't
hold beauty for the spirit and a true marking of my heart.
i can't wait for the gift of God for this time.

how glorious that even though God gave the greatest gift of all
2000 years ago... he still continues to give...
to those who are weak.

He truly is glorious.


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