a mother's musings.

today while working on my little computer screen a preview for a little boy's movie came on and my heart exploded and my eyes welled up because to mother a son is a glorious thing watching bravery be unearthed from within and an understanding of a God above him hover down into his ever-growing heart i am she who housed his frame as it grew and grew and grew a little baby full of fat and promise and i sustained him by my breast yet slowly he grew and ran faster than i could keep up climbing ladders and jumping off cliffs or so he thought while sailing from the kitchen chair to the ground below swimming under the blankets that hover as a deep sea diver exploring and learning what it means to be a man and i cuddle him to set him free into a world that needs men real men who don't give up or give in who love violently and fiercely and create the things we have only dreamed who cry out to God, and bend down to hold the hand of the violated and poor so today i celebrate the thrilling and heart wrenching uphill climb of a boy becoming a man and a mother calling forth the fullness of what that will be.

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