the Lord is gracious and compassionate. slow to anger and rich in love.

what a beautiful statement. what hope it is for our lives.

i had an incredible weekend. i forgot our camera so i missed a lot of moments, but hopefully someone else captured them. alex's shower was delightful. the best part was hanging out with the planning committee. we had such a fun time decorating and tearing down and what not. it was fun to see it all turn into reality.

my sister's shower was sunday, and was also delightful. the reality of her baby, AND MINE, is... well... not yet a reality. But once kyan comes into this world, I think I'll grasp that my sister is REALLY a mommy. so insane!

it's also been a week of, "wow... ricky, i am SO in love with you." i just can't get enough of him! i'm cracking up every second we are together... i just want to talk to him about everything and anything (more than usual, which trust me, is alot)! i am just enjoying my husband to the highest possible degree. not that i don't always enjoy him, but this week we are on cloud 9. i probably owe it to 3... no 4! things:

1.) Reading Mystery of Marriage always awakens my heart to the absolute beauty, holiness, and spirituality that is found within marriage. When I remember something is connected to the heart of God, or that something can connect me to the heart of God, I fall wayyyyyyyy more in love with it.

2.) Being away from him always makes me appreciate him that much more. I couldn't fall asleep all weekend. I was a MESS at the airport. And the sweetness of the weekend can never be AS sweet as when he's around.

3.) I'm exiting my first trimester and feel like a normal human being again. I have a relative amount of energy... I'm not on the brink of throwing up every second of every day... and I actually am able to spend time with him when he comes home at 9 oclock at night.

4.) JESUS! He's so alive! And my heart is so tender right now... Conversations with Jenny and Courtney... Little dreams and whispers in the night... the beauty of the Word... all are ulling me from a season of fatigue on all levels. When Jesus moves my heart, my heart is moved toward Ricky more and more.

It's crazy how falling in love is a neverending journey. I just love it!

Thursdays=My Friday! Hallelujah. Have a joy-filled weekend.

OH! And it's my beloved Mom's birthday today. I just love to celebrate her life!


  1. you were the CUTEST little girl. i just want to kiss your little cheeks!!
    i want to read mystery of marriage at least once a year. michael has it now to read. we read a little together when i was there. there aren't even words to say how good that book is.
    i love you little girl. so much! sooo glad you are well.

  2. yes yes. it is a requirement that whoever i marry reads that book often. seriously.

    and its been a few months since i've read it... i should pick it up again too!

  3. TIFF! I had SUCH a great time showering Al with you! What an amazing MOH you are. I think she felt truly blessed.
    I really love your writing and the way you word things and say things that need to be said! I feel like my blogging lacks so much depth and I can't say the things I yearn to saaaayyyy.
    Isn't it just fascinating how much the Lord enables us to love our spouses??? It's mind blowing. Every cliche I've heard about marriage and absence makes the heart grow fonder and I love you more each day and blah blah...IT'S ALL TRUE! ALL OF IT!
    I so want to read that Mystery of Marriage book. I want my marriage to be God-pleasing!
    Love and miss you.


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