so i began to calculate finances once our dear sweet baby is born.
let me tell you - THAT WAS INTENSE.
i'm not sure how we'll make it, but when i bombarded my precious husband with all the details
the minute i rushed through the door
he patiently listened and reminded me of the promises and character of God.
how thankful i am for him!
when one of us is freaking, the other one is rock solid.
the joy of having another person around.

these thoughts have made our eventual kansas city move that much more real.
setting dates (if jobs come along), and discussing how we'll make the move.
it's a while away, and not set in stone, but i'm a planner (though only my husband may know this)
and i love to know what and how things are going to roll out.

to live simply, in the context of community, taking part in something my heart believes in - is the ultimate season of glee. 

i took some lame belly pics.
but i guess it's good to document, even when there's only a little pooch there (probably more fat than  baby!).
this is me at 11 weeks (pretty much almost 12 weeks - but that's neither here nor there)

hopefully next week ricky can take some non-headless ones... haaaaaaa.

time for dishes!


  1. bulging belly or not..your little babe is 2 inches long and the size of a lime! yay!

  2. some def. $ saving things are......washable diapers. theyre expensive to buy, but theres brands that u only buy one size and they have snaps and grow with baby. ull probably spend $300-$400 on up to 3 years of diapers worth. also, nursing is the best way to go. but if u cant nurse for any reason, WIC is an amazing option, and we used Target formula. which is $11, and lasts over a week. the $27 stuff lasts about 4 days. Hope this helps. babys are the most expensive things in the world.

  3. awww! so cute =] u look great. yes finances are tough with kids but God will guide you through. We have 2 kids and its tough @ times, but we're on wic & medical right now for them which has been a huge help since i was pregnant both times. We used Huggies Supreme Fit diapers in the purple/red box diapers for our kids.

    If you can find used things - good stable crib, bouncer, swing,changing table etc its better if u can get it from family; it saves with $ too. we got alot of clothes given to us and honestly during the 1 and 2 1/2 yrs our kids have been here we havent had to buy ALOT of clothes compared to what i thought we would.

    its Alicia V. from facebook =]

  4. i'm waiting and waiting and waiting for an update from you.


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