a quick update.

i have not disappeared entirely!
the sea of life has just hit me with a busy hurricane.
and this too shall cease.

i visited home last week.
was able to hold, cry over, and whisper prayers for the new Fackler addition: Miss Lily.
she is the most beautiful, lady newborn I have ever beheld, and am so thankful for the life God has breathed within her little, baby lungs.
this one will sing of the glories of the King.

i had a way too short visit with the bride to be Tamara.
i am counting down the days until her incredible, totally other than, wedding.
of which i will weep, and thank God, because the weddings where you've watched the whole love affair come into existence and make it through the fire are the best.
and when it's your best friend.

i had breakfast with my beloved Seannah, who, is beautiful beyond words.
her conversation provoked my heart at the deepest levels.
she is lovesick.
she is surrendered.
she is transformed.

that my heart would beat, daily, with such wonder, gratitude, hope, and affection.

this one gazes upon the Lord. and He meets her gaze with fire.

i saw the wedding of Mr. Joshua Bocanegra.
a man, a prophet, a writer whom I've known since I just started driving.
we traveled the world together, talked through fighting demons together, and had such a wonderful, pure friendship that I am so thankful for.
he has found himself a good thing. he is steadfast before the Lord.
i wept, as always, at the entrance... because Jesus is coming for a Bride.
let us not forget.

and then i spent time with the family. more to come on this.

saw my alex, who, i daresay i may not see for a year and half!!! eeeeeeesh.

in the midst of this Amos developed a double ear infection, a horrid cough, and runny nose.

i start my new job tonight...
i'm teaching high school classes, when i, in fact, have never went to college nor obtained a degree to teach.
but i got heart.
and a miraculous certification from the county to be a teacher, as if i had some college and had some degree.
this is the faithfulness of God.
and a wonderful addition to our income (saving for a down payment on a house one day. fueling our small house of prayer. and much more)

that's all the update for now.

more to come.

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  1. wow! it is SO hard when baby has a cold, but double ear infection? yikes. i'm glad he's feeling better!! which means mommy is feeling better too.

    let's skype soon, since we are both home and all that! talk to you soon!


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