for the sake of avoiding a pictureless post - here are the front and back of the programs i created for tamara's wedding. i was really pleased with how the turned out - all from the vision created in tamara's head. i can't wait to get some better photographs of them, and put them on my etsy!

Man, oh man,

you can tell May was a busy month (busiest since this baby was born) because I only made 5 posts!!! and 2 of them were today.

i have so many more moments to post - and am excited because i'm going to take in all our film from the last 2 years to get developed. we'll see what jewels are hidden in there. most are from our holga, so you know there will be a lot of "not so great" shots, but i'm hoping ricky (the better with the camera) found some great framed moments.

my dad and his wife debbie are flying in from st. louis tomorrow for a couple days of california sun. i am excited that Amos will get some quality time with his grandpa. i get frustrated at the distant quite often, but these pieces of concentrated "memory making" help ease the ache.

life is still busy with life. i need to be more fierce about carving out some alone time. without it, more than anything, i become a pretty annoying wife. i thrive on quiet, head phones, lap top, paper, and in that alone time - more than anything - some real conversation with the Lord, via His Word. uhhhhh, i am such a mess without this.

and yes, i've been failing. design projects are floooooding in. great for the pocket book and even greater for the business, but all my free moments bow to deadlines and sketches. after i put amos down, and ricky sneaks to bed i'm found sitting at my desk doing projects. time at his family's house, where Amos is taken care of by everyone, i become boring tiffany - staring at my macbook pro.

on top of that i'm working in the juvenile hall monday, tuesday, and wednesday evenings - which i love so much - but adds the extra "crazy" to our time management.

company's been here. weddings are here. and in the midst of all this craziness, my heart is hungry.

hunger is a blessing, definitely, but is a bear if not satisfied. therefore, i should probably stop typing and start ceasing this morning nap with some higher biddings.


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