these glorious moments

An afternoon at the beach...
Courtney, whose been living with us for a month and a half, stays in that corner of our living room. :) it's such a sweet spot, and i'm thinking of leaving it to become a reading nook for Amos and a great spot to spend time with the Lord. we have to figure out about all of Amos' toys though...

Courtney makes me aeropress iced caramel lattes every morning. have you tried an aeropress? it's an amazing, cheap alternative to an espresso machine!
amos loves coloring now - so, so much!
he loves to wake up and look for planes and birds.
amos with his new backpack for our cruise and trip to new york at the end of the month with ricky's family.
hanging out with shades during a time out.
amos getting his second haircut. he did great this time!!!
amos and a fishy.

He's got a lil' rhythm. :)

not much to say, just sharing some moments. :)

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