Oh my gosh. Has it been this long? What a whirlwind of an introduction to spring. Sickness piled on top of sickness.

And so we have crawled out of the pneumonia crisis. Amos is breathing fine, and it was relatively and easy recovery. The chiropractor has helped immensely.

I have so much to say, as it always seems. So many memories I haven't captured, amidst the buysness and craziness. So many lessons unjournaled and transformations, of my rapidly growing toddler, and of my own heart left to be documented. I need to pause time. Take a breath. Hold onto Amos as a little boy, who still fits around the curve of my stomach.

But, alas, I can't. Time keeps on moving. Time as a mother, and time as a sojourner.

I've been reading through old journals from the months before I met Ricky. Confession is, I have been a terrible journaler since moving to San Diego. Terrible. I tell myself these will be remembered as the silent years, as I hope it to never be that way again.

And in this looking back, it seems absolutely ridiculous how the time has flew by. Only moments ago I was a little girl, whose worries were within the realm of one person - no husband to follow, to son to rest on my hip. How different my interactions with the Lord were, and how small my troubles now seem.

And here I am with a little boy. I don't really have many conclusions within this overwhelming weight of the brevity of life - of the quickness this all goes by.

It just reminds you to keep living, and to live well.

It's funny to think where I thought I'd be by this time, specifically in the realm of my relationship with the Lord. We'll see what this next season holds. I feel the breath of promise, of newness, of settling back into some of the old ways He use to speak. I miss those times, greatly.

Amos helping with dying Easter Eggs. Days before he got pneumonia. ;(

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