I couldn’t sleep last night and I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Once I re-drifted away, I had a dream.
My precious husband and I were out and about traveling, with many friends, old and new…
And he kept going off with other people, ignoring me as if I didn’t exist.
Eventually he transformed into a man of my past who wounded me with a callous heart.

It ended with my declaring I couldn’t be with him anymore.

I woke up in with the warmth of someone near, reminding me
It was only a dream.

After thinking it through, I know it is fear manifested.
but not of Ricky, but more of the Lord.

Fear that He has forgotten me.
Fear He has left me behind.
Fear He has abandoned me.
Fear He will change, in an instant, to the old wounded false image I’ve had of Him.

The kind that stings so deep.

It’s a simple war, easily overcome.
it’s a war none – the – less.

“He is good”, I say under my breath, while sorting documents and checking emails.

“I shall not be forgotten.”

The wrestle will find us all,
And in the end,
We’ll all win.

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