manna, here today and gone tomorrow.

high heels. Indentions into the base, and we squeal because we can.

Eyes closed, and we remember.

For me its

Warm baths, and blankets and sheets.

almost march – and the birds keep singing.

No springtime at the beach, for there’s always a glare on the windshield.

Yesterday is a shallow pond, when stepped in through today.

Yesterday is over and gone.

Yesterday is in the grave.

Today. Today today.

Pull apart the sticky pages, john’s song of His praying,

and can I feel myself within its pages…?

Is that fair?

I was sent away.

I was banished to the wanderings, like a leper in a colony.

Or so I see. Or so I say. Or so it seems

These wounds leak all over the floor.

Your mind is made up, though, isn’t it?

Who am I to question?

Where is my case?

David cried out for a resting place.

And a he fought, and fought and fought.

What is good?

What is good?

I think I’m angry,but I can’t admit it.

Brass locks shut,you gave me no keys.

Deaf and blind and naked I came to you.

Yet you leave me standing.

Same as before.


You said You’d come to me.

Yet I’m not worthy.

You said You live inside of me.

Yet I’m numb to it all.

This is the asking, again.

This is the asking, again.

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