denver chronicles [3] // bff's + baby

amos is asleep in his crib. yes, yes, it is true. he is asleep in his crib for the first time... ever! and while he is asleep, i am being busy, busy, busy editing denver photos that have been patiently waiting for me. i want to get all my posts done pre- amos turning one. which is next month!!!

while i'm doing that, i wanted to post 3 gems. the first is amos reaching out for me. he does this everytime i turn off the car and walk around to open the backdoor. i always crawl into the seat to unbuckle him, but first give him kisses on his little, white, chubby hand.

i love these 3 photographs for many reasons. one, is obviously, is amos - but also seeing the people i love and cherish, turn around and love and cherish my son. it's the grandest thing to behold.


more pictures to come. :)

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