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I'm at a coffee shop with Ricky sitting across from me reading about how to promote 401c3 organizations to give to the poor.

Reminiscent of earlier days. Amos is crawling around like a crazy man at Ricky's parents and giving his cousin Emery multiple kisses on her little, black-haired head. Therefore, I can sit and stare at the wall, or the barista, or the top of Ricky's head without the little wheels of my mom brain running thinking, "Does Amos have something in his mouth? Could he bump his head? Am I ignoring him?"

And so,
That's me, above, with my blended chai and a coffee house picture behind me. I know no one really cares to see my head missing the forehead, but pictureless posts just seem so faux pas, don't they?

I don't have much significant to say. All my newest pictures are on our desktop computer.

Well, actually, now that I am just sitting here - staring - without a care in the world, I remember I have some newest pictures on my cellphone.

As I get those pictures ready for this post, I have to say that I caved and joined pinterest. And it is wonderful. I find it such an effective way to catalog projects and inspiration you find - especially for the design company.

Oh, and speaking of See the Skyline - we are back in action. I took a little break over the past month or so, but now I'm going full force. My Mexican Fiesta invitations were featured on this wedding blog. Check it out!

photo 2

So last night in a major sweet tooth moment (i have these way more than i should) i decided to make some smoothies. I pulled out our frozen fruit and threw in some frozen peaches and mangoes. Because we had to almond milk or yogurt, I threw in just a little of our fresh green juice (loving our new juicer!) full of some kale, garlic, celery, spinach, and more. On accident I ended up with some homemade gelato rather than a smoothie - which was more along the lines of what I was craving. It was delicious!!! Ricky and I both had 2 bowls each. You should try it out!!!

photo 2 

Amos has been enjoying time with his Grandpa and Grandma a lot while I'm busy googling over Emery and hanging out with Jen. Here he is just chilling with Grandpa Rich.


Here is little Emery, she gets more beautiful by the day. The second one she is doing a little baby yawn. Isn't she just GORGEOUS!? Ahhh! I love it.


and some more instagram moments. [1] Amos with a monkey on his back in his diaper at Grandpa and Grandma's playing with their plethora of toys. [2] Sleeping and sunbathing. What a life! [3] Trying out green beans (not pureed) for the second time and LOVING them - though his face isn't as convincing. [4] Emery in her daddy's arms, doing some stretches. Can you believe they are cousins? hahaha.

photo 1

And then, totally random, who doesn't love a creative and captivating Anthropologie window/shop display? if only we could push all those clothes in the back room as our closet and live in the inside. This one was in Denver, and blew my mind.

Well that is all for now. All random, and ridiculous, but wonderful at the same time.

Keep asking Him to breathe on Your heart, for it's His wind that keeps the burning alive.

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