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we drove into colorado springs to visit my friend courtney who is currently working at theWall, now called prayercores - a ministry partnered with Every Home for Christ. (you can purchase a really awesome shirt to help partner with the ministry here.)

she also makes some pretty incredible music. this is some rough recordings of her at a retreat a couple years ago.


courtney is like a sister to both ricky and i. ricky was best friends with her while attending the honor academy after high school, and when he left to come back to san diego and go to school - i moved to texas and entered the same internship. there courtney and i became best friends. we have known her for so many years - and she was my roommate while ricky and i started dating while living in kansas city. we were all a part of the international house of prayer. even now, as i write this - my heart overflows with love for her. she stood with me at my wedding - and she stands with my in my heart and runs beside me in my journey with God. she is a woman of steadfast love for the Lord, loyalty to His cause and His kingdom, and a mouthpiece for the truth of His return. i am honored to know her - and it was SHEER JOY introducing her to Amos. i am astounded and the men and women of faith Amos can look up to and learn from. she is one of them.


we drove into colorado springs with alex and nate parker (and also my beloved mother). alex has a great blog here - and she is one of my grandest friends. we grew up together in illinois, attended honor academy together, and have walked with each other in life. she also stood in my wedding, and i at hers. OH THE JOY OF FRIENDSHIP! and the FAMILY OF GOD!


they are one of the most endearing, vulnerable, and sincere couples i have ever spent time with. they recently moved from st. louis to denver in a huge leap of faith and it has been so encouraging to watch the Lord take care of them every step of the way.

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sidenote: i know it is ridiculous i am wearing a maxi dress in the mountains. when i dressed for the day trip i didn't think through our potential activities. eeesh, i'm so silly.


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  2. i just saw this! this is awesome! i love you tiffy! so much!


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