happy ode to the harvest / pumpkins / memories / and buck teeth.

me in our family kitchen at 5 years old? maybe?

so we aren't big Halloween folks (actually, not at all)... i'm not a huge fan of the "holiday" and neither is ricky. it creeps me out on multiple levels... and i'm trying to get rid of my old obsession with high-fructose corn syrup induced packaged sugar doses.

as i was going through my childhood pictures to remember what my precious mother has dressed me up as i stumbled upon some pretty hilarious, autumn memories.

I am obviously so pumped that I won honorable mention for the pumpkin my mom OBVIOUSLY decorated.
Though it looks like I am trying to take over the classroom with my overwhelming choleric personality, I think I am just singing along some halloween song with my clown teacher.
that's me and my precious dad. i think i repeated this glorious ball gown costume multiple times.
Princess and crazy, manic clown?
this one is a winner. :)
and we can't forget the awkward years. 3rd grade and 5th grade. remember those awesome brown sandals everyone sported?

and so, yes, i do LOVE fall. and pumpkins, leaves, crisp weather, etc. and of course - dressing up (as featured above). it's hilarious. always. every time. therefore, little amos was able to transform into a zebra baby and go to a kid costume party.

I spy a dino and a zebra having a chat.
IMG_5555IMG_5551IMG_555264 I amos showing off his little baby buck teeth.


and this is when he reached his zebra limit. :)

and if you ever wondered where amos got his chubby cheeks and awesomely large, baby buck teeth (seen above) - here's the answer:

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  1. Haha wow oh my goodness. The zebra costume is definitely a winner - so adorable!

  2. He looks so cute in his zebra costume!!


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