denver chronicles [5] /// children's museum.

photo 1IMG_5521

the children's museum of denver is INCREDIBLE.

this visit was definitely the highlight of our entire vacation. amos had the time of his life, even if he was on the fringes of getting sick. you always feel like a terrible parent when your child coughs in the vicinity of other children, while simultaneously crawling in a playground. oh well.
activity center @ children's museum
photo 2puppet hourphoto 5IMG_5515photo 1photo 4__fajphoto 2photo 2__firemanphoto 1IMG_5516photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 1IMG_5520

he read books. crawled around. met friends. threw pillows in the shape of frogs and pigs. dressed up like a fireman. and had some grand ole' baby fun.

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