small request.

flowers from sharaya.

summer dayz.
a crawling boy with dirty fingernails.

dearest reader,

my son is nestled in his little crib and my husband is sitting in a university classroom. i am typing away at our little computer desk. i don't have much to say at all.


over there at top baby blogs they did a reset, so for the few of you who do read my blog, it would mean so much to me if you would click here to vote (left owl). i have found some of my favorite blogs through that site, and would hope others may find something within mine. maybe some words i write can be a sovereign word to a heart.

just maybe.

i've enjoyed sharing the journey, and having you come along for the ride.

love, love, love,

probably my favorite song, ever.


  1. i voted. and i listened to that song ALL MORNING LONG. thank you.


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