the flu ressurection.

i know, it seems so sad i am taking his picture and not picking him up. rest assured, moments after he was in my arms
 - and his crying always looks much more dramatic than it really is. ;)

so it happened,

the evening after my previous post - rejoicing about the fact sickness was a distant memory, my little amos started throwing up. he had a fever. and we were saying hello to the second version of the flu - the STOMACH KIND.

it wasn't surprising, and luckily not as scary because i knew the source and how it ran it's course, because kyan - my little nephew we had spent the week with in arizona - started showing symptoms the day before he left. by the time amos was sick - his was almost over.

the challenge with this bout was i got sick too. it's one thing to take on a feverish, clingy toddler in full health - it's another while you are wiped out by your own energy sucking flu monster. thankfully my worst came on friday, and ricky had the day off. i think i got it worse gthan amos, maybe because i can't remember the last time i had the flu and my body freaked out. i also can't remember the last time i hadn't eaten for an entire day - let alone 4 days - since i started trying to get pregnant... so my body went into major detox mode. it was pretty intense, with the addition of the fever and achiness that the fever brought.

after 4 days, we are feeling better. my house is a mess. my grandmother's stuff that was shipped to us is all over our living room (AKA our ONLY room). and my friend, courtney, arrives in 2 days to stay with us for awhile. add on that i'm behind on EVERYTHING (etsy orders, sponsor highlights, organizing everything, etc.)

oh this feeling of catching up, does it ever stop!?

good news is, i lost some pounds and feel like this flu was a forced cleansed i never felt right about doing while still nursing. so i feel great, post feeling horrible, and my heart is tender too. (oh fasting, i have missed you so! when can we meet again?!)

much more to say, and lots to come for the month of april. thanks for coming along. and welcome any new readers from ohdeardrea. please say hello!

passsssssssssed out.

thanks for the votes too!

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