35 weeks // to growth, to life, to a new season

Time is moving quickly. I'm almost 36 weeks! That is one week from full term. I can't believe it, and yesterday as I was lying on the couch, on my side - feeling this little one kick and squirm within me I just started crying with joy! I just cannot wait to meet her! It's hard to imagine loving a little one as much as I love Amos. I know that's a common thought among mother's of second babies. I'm not concerned it won't happen - it's just overwhelming to think a heart can hold so much love. It's just a glimpse of the capacity of our Father. He loves each of us with the same passion, intensity, and fervor. Not one of His gazes upon individuals is lessened by another. Person after person enters the human existence, and the love of the Father is so great it can hold them all. Never stretched beyond capacity. Never borrowing from another to give to someone new. 

I am thrilled to grow this family. I've tried hard to not dwell on my moments with Amos as our "last ones" but see them as the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. I am so confident of God's sovereignty and the beauty of community, the family of God. I know the Father sees it best that Amos share his mama, to learn to give and lead and nurture within his home. And even more, when one is added to the Church, we are in no way hindered - but only blessed, only enriched. I am exceedingly joyful for this blessing, this enrichment - this beautiful addition.

Little Lucia, be kept safe by our God, your Creator - in these last few weeks. We cannot wait to meet you, to do our best to point your heart towards His glory, His beauty - the Reason for your very existence. How grateful we are that He has given you life and begun your story!


  1. LOVE this picture! you're looking great :)


  2. What a lovely picture - you look so well.

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