these glorious moments...

1 || my sweet son's profile, rocking his double chin. he's in 25 percentile in weight, so I have a feeling he'll be rocking it forever.
2 || daddy giving amos some loving discipline on our way to the common's good market on saturday. i just LOVE discipline. i know it sounds so silly, and perhaps i'll do a more detailed post about it in the future, but it is so fruitful and i KNOW is such a great way to love amos.
3 || amos putting in change at the meter at the san diego harbor. we walked around on saturday and amos pointed out all the things he saw, as well as the animals that were living underwater.
4 || a dead rat/possum? we found at target that amos was fascinated by.
5 || one of our last celebratory dates as a weekly team of two eating thai food.
6 || my new morning tradition : lattes with my aeropress. GO BUY ONE. SO WORTH IT. SO CHEAP. SO EASY. AMAZING ESPRESSO SHOTS.

ooooh! and in other news, looks like the house is a done deal. should be moving next weekend. so amazing and scary and awesome and PRAISE THE LORD! excited to share the journey with you. here's my office inspiration and some more details about our home.

PS would love a vote from you today! just takes 2 clicks. :)


  1. I love all of the photos and would love to hear more about how you disipline Amos. That probably sounds weird, but I would love to hear how other Lovers of God do it. I feel like I struggle in this area :[

    1. i definitely want to! i feel like i'm learning so much.

  2. I love reading your blog. Just thought I'd let you know. :)


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