"the gospel in her home." (the idea)

and so yes, i have been missing. life has went crazy (and only to get crazier) and i am so excited to share some of our most recent journeys with you.

that being said, two dear friends of mine - allison and britney - have been chatting about a common thread found within our hearts as mothers, wives, homemakers, and daughters. al came up with the idea to do a weekly feature discussing how the gospel impacts our days as mothers: rather it be decorating our home, doing our dishes, disciplining our children, confronting our selfishness, or learning to serve our husbands. Jesus' beautiful story is living and active even now, and able to can transform our weary hearts.

it's a challenge really. how does the gospel - the message of the good news of salvation, the word of truth offered to mankind by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross. the message not only of eternal life, but one that encompasses the TOTAL PLAN OF GOD to redeem people from the ravages of sin, death Satan, and the curse that now covers the earth. it's the hope that comes with us ruling and reigning with him into the forever ages - this beautiful demonstration of love, that starts on the cross and reaches into the eternities of our fellowship with Him - how does it effect me in my seemingly mundane day to day life? how does it alter my lens of what is happening to me or around me? how do i see Christ within these moments? and even more, what is He saying today about His great love towards my family and I?

i am also excited because these ladies all represent a different facet of who God is - with unique insights into God, His Word, our roles, etc. Seeing Christ and His finished work applied to our lives will look and be processed differently by each of this. this is why i love the body of Christ! ultimately, the more Jesus is made much of throughout the Church, the more eyes that peer dimly and in part into who He is, and as each differing person declares the beauties they see, the more holistic of a view we can receive of God's glory and His story.

to all readers i encourage you to join in and post your link in the comments section. let's celebrate together the fact the gospel isn't a distant reality but a powerful force effecting our lives today!


  1. excited to read what you lovely ladies have to say on this!!

  2. very excited to be following the 3 of you. (friend of Britneys from NY)
    encourage to read about struggles that we as wives and mothers go through on a day to day basis and know that we are not alone.
    thanks for starting this ya'll :)

  3. SO excited to be following you three for this series! I need so much more of Him in my life. :)

  4. Nice Post!I would like to know more about your blog.


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