dear adam

Sometimes when you sleep, I pretend I know what you dream
Sometimes when you’re so still, I touch your face to see if you’ll awake
I lay my hand on your forehead, and pray for the Lord to come.
Because you are my Adam, and I’m your Eve.
You had an ache, and the missing bone became me.
We laugh inside the garden, and play hide and seek
Because you are my Adam and I’m your Eve
And neither of us have yet to know the fall.
Neither of us have yet to know what it is to die.
You and He are all we see. Peace with each other and with Him we have peace.
And that’s what you do, that’s what you do.
Bring me closer to home.
I grasp my little rib, and know it was once your bone.
Friend, friend, we sit in silence, and the Holy Spirit comes out like a genie
From His brass cave.
He dwells between us. He sings within us. He’s all around, all around.
And we breathe in His smoke.
We asked and then He spoke.
I’d rather have the man on the tree, than the fruit off the tree itself.
Let’s do it different this time.
I’ll tell him no, and you’ll protect my little soul – and we’ll eat the Bread of Life.
Let’s do it different this time.
Dear adam, dear adam, dear adam

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