gen 1

Close your eyes, this is the fireworks of midnight dreams
Father, son, and spirit speaking life into being
Delight like a spark, delight in their own, delight was the sparkle
That sent the worlds into whirling, and brought the mountains forth.
Waters, and ivies, and eagles, and such
Sunshine, and starlight, foliage, and lush
Hanging on nothing, but the Word of His mouth,
The canvas of heaven, the north and the south
Bubbling gushing Euphrates and Nile
Eden, like a jewel, brought forth into life
The hospital room for the very first birth
The basinet of manhood and the cradle of his wife
A handful of dust, and a fistful of dirt
The spit of heaven, the saliva of God
Shhhhhh…… here comes oxygen oxygen oxygen
Straight from the Maker, straight from His lungsAdam stood. And Eve danced free.
Adam loved. Then Eve found the tree.
Adam, good morning,
Eve, good night.

Say hello to the first suicide.

Thank God it had only just begun.
Thank God it had only just begun.


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