You made me with Your hands, and this is by grace. Amen.

I’m always super emotional on my birthday…
My heart is tender,
My eyes are quick to tear,
And the Holy Spirit is felt brewing within.

But how can one not be?

Today I was brought into the world, because of the grace of God.
I was willed into existence, and it was not by the ultimate choice of my mother or father
I was born with breath in my lungs, and it did not have to be so.
Yet, He desired that I would be,
And that I would be with Him where He was.

He made me and brought me in.

He apprehended my heart,
He taught me His commandments,
He spoke to my heart,
He gave me goodness and blessing,
He wounded me with Love.

And it did not have to be so.

For I’m a creation to a Creator.

Which is a glorious thing to remember…

That today I’m still alive, I’m still in the fold, I’m still in love
Because He said so, and because He first loved me.

And now, the same absolute miracle of the weaving together of a soul,
Is happening within the womb of this woman of mud and dirt.

Creation begetting more creation

Because the Creator wills it.

And we are not just pawns, but eternal souls.
I was made, and the minute He said so, I would live forever.
Not a passing thought, or a piece of history, but an ETERNAL BEING.

The act of being given life is more than a vapor of 70 years,
More than family, and marriage,
and children, and ministry.

It is to be dreamt up in the heart of God to live forever and ever,
To have no end…

So even if 24 was the last I would ever see,
It would only be the beginning
Because I was made, ultimately, to be with God in fellowship FOREVER.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, worthy is the Lamb.
And thank you Father, for a chance to be given the gift of life on this side, and the next.



  1. beautiful words. thank you for sharing the revelation of life that was givin to you!

  2. Awesome, I absolutely love this. Brings a calm to the heart. Thank you!!

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