4 Months and he's incredible. His favorite things are: drinking milk, playing with his feet, putting his favorite toys in his mouth, sucking on my fingers, pulling my hair, and cracking up at his mom and dad. Everyday I see his personality come through more and more and this parenting things grows sweeter with time, even if it seems impossible to love him more!

He's still as blue eyed, blonde haired, and white skinned as the day he was born, and i just can't hold him without kissing his huge baby cheeks.

Oh, Amos! What a joy.


  1. Okay you two are my FAVORITE
    AND I cannot believe I get to be with you in less than 3 WEEKS!!!

  2. your child is adorable! his cheeks are so big and his eyes are so blue! wow tiff. congrats on being a mother.

  3. @mburt3

    Thank you so much! It's the greatest job in the world. :)


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