southpark walkabout, part II

Amos loves loves loves music. He can sit at the prayer room for hours watching the live worship band. He never cries when Ricky starts playing guitar. He moans along (in perfect pitch I like to believe) as I sing to him everyday. He was beyond fascinated by the Johnny Cash cover band playing out of their backyard at the walkabout this weekend.

These are some snapshots of our neighborhood bike store, velo cult, which Ricky swoons over every time we drive by - and a pottery shop down the street.

Amos is napping, a lot I must say - I think he's in a growth spurt. I'm making orange chicken for dinner. I can't wait to update with all the recipes I concured and SLAYED last week. Tilapia with an uppercress salad, kale and white bean soup, pork chops with rosemary potatoes and squash, and a sausage and potato dish that I unashamedly will admit was my favorite.

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