we found this glorious red wall two blocks from our house. i think it will be the backdrop for many future photoshoots. saturday was mostly "daddy+amos" day - as Ricky changed most of his diapers, picked out his adorable outfit, and took amos on a Costco adventure that was super uneventful. Amos slept through the entire thing.

i've been spending once a week thrift store searching - as Amos has been napping super well in our ergo carrier and gives me a chance to get out of the house. i found this lace fringe top for $2 at a store in our neighborhood. I was planning on cutting a v-neck into it and cutting the sleeves - but i kinda like the feel of it now - and got lots of compliments. on the shirt and the awesome mustard tights from a giving friend joanne! (thanks so much joanne!)

tonight we are going to our first sunday service with jhop. we have decided to add a sunday meeting with a meal, teaching, worship, and fellowship. we are so excited for our ever growing community!


  1. you look adorable!!!!!!!! i wish we could go outside without wearing practically sleeping bags with arms. (winter coats)


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