an "almost" farewell to fall.

over a month ago we headed up to julian, a small mountain town about 40 minutes outside downtown san diego, to pick our pumpkin. i thought i should post the pictures before fall finds it's final death (which i'm sure it already has in some parts).

it's funny to me how even over a month ago amos looks entirely different than he does now. he's so much chubbier. now he really seems to be a little boy. talking. exerting his newly discovered will. and so much more.

the pumpkin patch/orchard that we visited offered a fall tour that included watching apples be pressed into fresh cider and tasting, candle making, and a hayride. amos loved the cidar and so do i - there is nothing like something real. like cider. you get a deep appreciation for things that are real, including juice/cider after reading articles like this. (ewwww)

our candle making wasn't very successful. ours were really ugly and weird and therefore didn't make the blog cut.

the hayride was breezy and nostalgic. reminded me of fall in the good ole' midwest. i always get the most homesick during this season, but by now, when the weather drops, i'm back to thanking the Lord for cardigan weather and daily walks with my son - even in december.


in honor of amos watching and partaking of his first cider press - i wanted to include this beautifully simple video by pacing the panic room, one of the 4 blogs i've been keeping up with for a couple years now.

it's so beautiful, it makes you almost taste autumn on your tongue.

and so here is to the fall season. you've come and gone - and we hold you near to our hearts. your the greatest present from the Lord every time you come around.

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  1. i loved this post, tiffany! reminded me of the beauty of family and fall. of moms and dads and sons. i loved it.
    so beautiful and sweet and fun. keep making memories together. you guys are wonderful!


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