things to do.

they say as you get older, your to-do list becomes this thing that haunts you day in and day out.

and i must say, i do agree.

my to-do list is taking over my mind. uhhhh.

amos' birthday is on saturday so i have creatures to sew, bunting to cut, crowns to make, food to buy, dishes to find, and presents to wrap!

on top of that, i have a list of etsy projects that must be done, and more that should be done to really move my business forward.

add in - organizing drawers and closets (and under the sink), updating my blog, editing pictures, taking pictures, getting things ready for my mom who is visiting (eeek! on thursday she comes and i am so excited) - and as soon as she leaves i fly home to watch my favorite girl in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, my sister, get married.

oh and i am a wife and a mom during all of this to-do madness...

and most importantly, to stay alive, to remain in joy, and to be in His will, i must commune with God. (the delight of my soul)

and paul said i'd be fighting to juggle caring for the things of the world and the things of the Lord. and this is so.

but, in the midst of it all, i get to relearn how to live with a discovering heart and faith like a child:

3 Minutes with Amos from Tiffany Valdez on Vimeo.


  1. i am so inspired by your etsy // design // business venture.
    seriouly, kudos to you for making that happen. (and with a young child at home)

  2. Hello! I'm a new reader! Found you from tbb and already in love with your adorable son and your cute family.

    I don't have a birthday to plan but totally know what you're going through with a haunting sized to do list.

    I love your writer and what a great blog in general! :)



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