birthday cakes. and a growing boy. // v1

IMG_6146 copy

so i had a stressful time with this birthday cake but that's besides the point.

amos turned one.

i know there is a whole mess of stuff i could write about my baby turning one. right now, i can't go into it. it's 11:57 and i'll just start weeping. i have that on my to-do list... summarize this year. i mean really think it through. (sometimes we have to stop to really feel the moment, don't we?)

until i let you in on that, here are some pictures to show the moment. there may be a couple more, but this is for now.


amos with his new piano from his grandpa jim and debbie


and just for memory sake - this is amos' "uhhhh, i want that now" face. oh dear Lord, we all need a Savior. ;)


  1. He is precious Tiff! Hard to believe he is 1 already! Love the way you made the cake, i love to make our kids' cakes too

  2. oh tiff...i laughed out loud. amos needs a savior just like usssss!!! this post made me a little emotional that we don't live close and get to share all these moments. but sooo glad i can at least live it through the pictures!!! we love you amos, and we are so thankful for your first year of LIFE!!!
    ps-that piano was such a great gift!!

  3. Amos is so cute! I love the pictures and I think the birthday is beautiful and looks so yummy!

  4. Your son is so cute and happy birthday to him!! I think the cake looks great actually. :P

    Petit Monstree

  5. Happy birthday to your little one. :) and Gosh, that piano is so cute! and Amos too. He'll grow up to be a handsome man, for sure! :)

    It is a good thing that specials moments were captured by camera. You may want to keep those in an online photo album that I would like to share: http://www.babypics.com/ -worth the try ♥

    Thanks for this post. keep them coming:)


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