and there's goes november.

don't you just love this little reindeer. i found it on this blog i check into every once an awhile. i fell in love.

let's be honest. sometimes i daydream about the days where i could doodle in my sketchbook all day... where there was time to be creative. time to think past the to-do and into something outside my 4 walls of my home, my family, and my heart. expression. creativity.

it's hard to be creative in the boundaries of motherhood. it's hard, not impossible. i know that. i know there will be much opportunity to be creative when i can start engaging amos in more structured activities. art projects. writing. thought. discussion. i know that God has given me little oppurtunities in the past year that i have gratefully taken. a business that involves creativity. small ramblings in my journal. this little, humble blog.

and i know that expression will always happen, because for me, it is as imperative as breathing. as feeling. if i'm not expressing, chances are i'm not encountering the Lord. it's the way God made me. they are one in the same.

so here's to us not losing ourselves in motherhood and tasks and the function of it all.

here's to keeping our heads in the clouds... even if just a little...

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