bikes, hearts, dogs and a giveaway!!! // 24 days of giving

and i lied. i wanted to post the winner last night, but didn't get around to it until today. ricky came home earlier than normal last night (8:45PM!!!) and so we spent the evening putting amos to bed (wayyyy past his bedtime) and laughing at old photographs of us when we were different people.

so some times things like LOVE, beat out blogging. you know? ;)

on a amos sleeping update. i woke up like a zombie at 5AM and with absolutely NO ability to think with logic - after 2 attempts at rocking i pulled him into our bed. i guess 2 step forward, one step back?

we also have some incredible giveaways coming up, and i think they are going to be rolled into one or two days. there are going to be some great etsy shops highlighted, and some of my favorite blogs too! i'm getting really excited.

for now, i wanted to introduce one of my favorite custom invitation sets i've made. it was for a wedding set in Chicago for the cutest couple EVER and their little pup. the brick was to match the industrial location of their ceremony and the Chicago skyline is also featured.

[please ignore the hideous carpet found in the hall of my apartment where the best lighting comes in.]

honestly, custom sets are my favorite. it requires real creativity and research and forces me to do what i wish i had more time for. create. i'm hoping to gain more of these projects in the future, and make some for pure enjoyment - and not always because of a purchase.

today's giveaway is also from see the skyline shop, and goes along with this invitation. i am offering a custom portrait sketch of you and your loved one (or your little loved animal) with a heart in between and the names written below (or 3-4 words). it will be mailed to you and perfect for any frame! it will be on a 5x7 canvas paper.

Here is how you enter!

1.) Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item on your Christmas wish list and click here to vote for my blog!

You can also gain multiple entries for the giveaway by any of the following

2.) Blogging, tweeting (with @seetheskyline in tweet), or facebooking about this giveaway. Just leave a comment below. (please put link to blog, if you have one!)

3.) If you haven't done so, go to facebook and like my page. :)


oh! and the winner of the see the skyline custom christmas labels is:

she accidentally left the comment on my facebook page, but it still counts!

Erin, please email me @ seetheskyline@gmail.com with your address and I'll send over your labels!

oh.... and the "mom with toddler attempting to tackle the san diego mall full of angry, angry customers" did the following today...

oh geeez. thankfully, the angry shoppers were too crazed to get to shopping that they forgot to steal my car. Praise God!


oh and don't forget about the wedding program giveaway and the fabric garland giveaway!


  1. My favorite item on MY wishlist is... toiletries. Like some REALLY good smelling shampooo, lotion, or body wash. No, I am not kidding. Most of my money goes to Emily or other purchases, and I do not want to spend it on that stuff when I can get unscented cheaper.

    But, boy oh boy, when I take a good-smelling shower, it's SO GREAT!

  2. My favorite item I am asking for are Tom's - I have holes at the toes of the ones I have had for years and lost the pair I got for my wedding reception, so I would love to get new ones!
    I love your invites, Tiffany!

  3. My favorite item on my wishlist is a pair of cute rain boots! I NEED them :]
    I liked your fb page and tweeted about your giveaways!
    Love the idea of 24 days of giving Tiff!

  4. Can I keep entering, been though I won already? I showed my dear husband some really neat skirts at WholeFoods, I am hoping for one for my Christmas present!

  5. My favorite item on my Christmas list is boots! Like, stylish everyday boots - I've been coveting them for quite some time. But my real favorite is surprise gifts that I have absolutely no idea about :).

    Adorable invites!

  6. I also liked your facebook page!

  7. i would love to see a scetch of us, lol! sooo cute.

    fav item on my wishlist is red minnetonka moccasins!


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