wedding programs, proposals, bff's, & jerusalem + a giveaway!


one of my bestest of all best friends got married on the coast of southern california this past spring. it was a dream wedding - with an old, humble house stuffed with family and friends - artists, and puppies, and dancers, and more. we snacked on fresh fruit from the garden and kept the windows open to smell the pacific air.

even with a baby in tow, it was a dreamy sort of week. and aaron and tamara are a dreamy sort of couple. below i have a small video that captured aaron's street art proposal in bend, oregon. it's vimeo version alone has had over 58,000 views! it's definitely worth the couple minutes.

it just gives you a picture of these two. a couple months ago i got a text from tamara asking me, "should i move to jerusalem?" i mean, really. these are the kind of texts i get from her. i responded, of course, "yes, yes. immediately."

and so, the lovely vandenbrouckes are living in a quaint apartment in the holy land. i mean, REALLY.

the above is a photograph of a program snatched from the wedding that i was able to design. the front logo was hand drawn by aaron himself - and i show the big boy version in this photograph.

the inside has a little icon representing each person in their massive bridal party and a personalized message to them. i'm included, and it warms my heart even now to read it again. the programs can be found in my etsy shop now (finally!) and are up for a bride or grooms own customizable version. it would include a custom wedding logo they can use throughout their wedding, along with personalized messages to their bridal party, family, or whomever they choose to honor. (it could also be exchanged for messages to each other, lyrics, scriptures, etc.) and a order of events on the back. click here to check it out!

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for yesterday's (OOPS!) giveaway, i am giving one program design with hand written messages + logos inside for free!!! this is a huge giveaway, and the file can either be sent to you as a .PDF for you to print, or I can print it with my local printers.

you can have up to 4 chances to enter. here is how:

- leave a comment telling me your favorite wedding dance song. ;)

- blog, facebook, tweet! about this giveaway and comment with the link


and in the spirit of the 24 days of giving (i haven't forgotten, promise): here are 3 giveaways at one of my favorite blogs, mycakies. don't be shy to enter! i've won twice! 1, 2, 3

don't forget to enter the first giveaway and third giveaway while i still have it open (i may extend it a day or two, so go! go! go!)

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  1. HELLO!!!!!!

    future of forestry: if you find her is my favorite wedding dance song


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