and then there were four...

she is here. beautiful lucia mercy valdez. born march 10th, 2013. weighing 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. it always feels like a dream, when a little life that was inside your tummy is out, cradled in your arms, staring at you. it's been a week, and it is still surreal. another life. a bigger family. miracles are real.

i'll be writing about my birth story soon enough - another great example of God breaking through my heart that LOVES control. it's good for me - to rest in His providence. she's good for me.

and here we are today, journeying into our first day together alone. her, amos, and i. this is my story for now, and it really does cause my heart to rejoice. what a fulfilling job i get to undertake - even if we are all still in our pajamas and i've downed 3 cups of coffee.

we are happy. He is good. and so a new chapter in this book begins...


  1. congratulations. she is beautiful!

  2. oh congratulations!!! she is so so pretty!

  3. she's BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats!
    (She is exactly the same size & length as my son was when he was born, down to the last ounce! :)

  4. she is absolutely adorable! what a precious gift.

    drink in these moments...we all understand that you'll get over to us here {blogging world] soon enough :)


  5. She is beautiful!!! So happy for you!

  6. she's beautiful! congrats my dear!!!


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