And THIS might be happening...

so maybe, just maybe - everything will go smoothly and in 30-45 days we will be inside this home.
YES. A HOUSE. with a YARD. and that's just the front yard.
the back yard is ginormous, almost 10,000 square feet! room for a garden, and chickens, and maybe a goat or two? (our potential neighbors have about 4 that we can spy up the hill, so we can all be goat friends).

i had a small, dainty list of requests to the Lord I have been praying for the past 2 years.
this was my list:

1.) 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms
2.) A big yard for gardening/farming
3.) Lots of light because I am home all day and don't want to feel as if i'm in a dungeoun
4.) A larger kitchen WITH a dishwasher


* hard wood floors

and Ricky's request

** In the city

This little home is all that and more. It is newly remodeled and has 4 bedrooms. For us this was way out of our price range to consider 4 bedrooms, because don't forget San Diego has one of the highest costs of living in America - it is INSANE. Honestly, 4 bedrooms is what we NEEDED. I can now have a growing family and put girls and boys in each room and for now have an office for graphic designing/playroom. It also has more square footage than anything we have looked at. And in the center of the city. (the ghetto part of the city, which i am thankful to be in the middle of. hoping to learn new ways to love my neighbor and give to my community)

I am so grateful to the Lord!

It's a bike ride (even a walk) from Ricky's work. 5 minutes from the interstate, which in San Diego, when you hit an interstate, you are literally 15 minutes from anywhere...beach, inland, border, downtown, etc.

And if all goes according to plan, we should be in before Ms. Lucia makes here entrance into the world.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but we will be back in to plan.

The list of needs, once we move in, is a little overwhelming - but I am so confident of the Lord's provision. Has He ever not come through?

We will need a refrigerator, washer and dryer (this probably isn't as much an immediate need, since we have lived without one our entire marriage), new furniture (ours is all second hand placeholders until we got a home, or mini sized from our first mini beach apartment), lawn mower, fence and then just stuff to fill our space. Exciting and crazy as the next 7 weeks are full of madness. Packing, Baby Prep, Moving, TRANSITION.

Well - my dear Amos is napping so time to dream and plan via pinterest.



  1. how fun! we are both kinda in the same transition! love it! except we are behind a baby ;) jk. so glad to see your life in your blog and looking forward to what God is doing!

  2. City Heights? How exciting though! Very cute house with lots of living potential!

  3. @kelley - yes! Encanto was our first choice. :) my husband works in the area with the youth there, and our church is there. we have a heart for that area of hte city. :)

  4. I am so excited for you Tiffany! It looks beautiful and 4 bedrooms is awesome. And yard. Sweet.

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  6. oh tiff, that's incredible!!! 4 bedrooms...a dreeeeam!!


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