and he takes care of me.

so today a new package arrived at our doorstep.
it was a brand new scanner/printer!
my husband is the grandest of all, and has a real passion at seeing MY passions and talents be brought forth.
ever since moving to California and putting on the wife hat, and piling all the hats on top of that that came with LIFE, (full time job hat, cook hat, cleaner hat, MOM hat) i've had less and less time to do anything much else.

he really hates that, and has spent hours talking to me about how to utilize what God has given me more and more. He's shoveled out money for a very expensive keyboard, sewing machine, classes, and now a printer and scanner.

Before I was having to go to his parents to do all my wedding design work, because a majority of it is hand drawn, but now i can do it all from home!!! hopefully while amos naps. ;)

anyways, i've been thinking a lot about Ricky's conversations with me. i have some thoughts i'll share later... but for now, here's my first attempt at some scanner usage!

that's ricky and my first dance as a married couple. i remember i felt so awkward having everyone watching me that i talked with ricky about it the whole song. haha, so much for being romantic!

he is use to me though, super stressed and freaked out 98% of the time.

thank God for him and the Holy Spirit to calm me down.


  1. such a good picture though. it was soooo awkward. i'm glad i'm not the only high-strung wifey around!!! I LOVE YOU BLOG!!!

  2. i mean, it was awkward for me too at our wedding. not during your dance. just saying, i understand what you are saying.


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