baby fat be gone!

Last night Ricky, Amos, and I traveled down to south San Diego to eat pizza to celebrate our brother-in-law's birthday. Amos got all snazzed up in his polo and khakis (pictured below) - and we all watched the SDSU basketball game - which they sadly lost.

Amos is obviously stuffed.

The point of this post is that pizza. Which I technically only had one slice of, and it was a New York style slice... way less intense! But it's still pretty gross, and I have to stop eating like I'm 40 weeks pregnant

Therefore, I have, and am publicly declaring via blog, signed up for Weight Watchers online. Eating well has grown even more difficult because I am so busy throughout the day I barely get a handful of almonds into my belly, so in the evenings I eat - and I generally eat what Ricky wants to eat... which is gross man food. Example: Pizza.

Now I can track all my eating on a little iPhone app, and shed this baby belly so I can start having some clothes to wear. Plus, I promised I wouldn't buy new clothes until I got back into my old jeans... and I can pull them up easily, but to button them is a reach. This is terribly disheartening because I LOVE THOSE JEANS. They are the only pair I wore pre-baby that fit my short legs, and they were provided by the oh so lovely Anthropologie.

I refuse to sacrifice them.

Therefore, food tracking shall begin. I'll give you updates!



  1. i'm not trying to be a debbie the downer..
    just being realistic.
    your hips are now child bearing hips..
    and they might never go back to how they once were.
    and thats OK.
    my pre pregnancy jeans will probably NEVER fit again and I technically weigh 10 lbs less than I did when I fit in them before..


  2. haahahaha maybe! i can pull them up, but just not button them, so I'm not too far - and you can DEFINITELY tell it's the baby fat belly pooch with all the stretchmarks! We'll see, i think it's possible just because i had all my flab there before too. :)


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