teething time.

so life took a quick and unexpected turn this past 2 weeks.
Amos, my usually chill, contended, smiley baby has started teething.
ever since my last couple days in Illinois, i knew something was up...
he just wasn't himself.
when we came home, he would cry and cry and cry and be fairly inconsolable
(minus nursing, the solve all, ALL THE TIME - hallelujah).
i blamed it on transition, but his new drool, fist chewing, and head thrashing should have given it away.

the doctor said he's an early teether (starts at 2 months! come on!),
so the poor guy can't even put toys in his mouth yet.
he just SUFFERS.

he's learned to chew on blankets - which are an easy grab, and his fist, but he's not yet able to see and grab a toy and put it in his mouth.
i did catch him hanging onto a toy yesterday in his carseat, but i'm not sure if it was by accident or the sheer willpower (ache) of my little man.

with all this, i feel like i'm back in new new NEWborn phase.
where you are cooped up in your little home, holding a baby 8 hours straight
(until dear ricky gives me a little break)...
except now he weighs twice as he did before, and he's in pain.

it's now 4:51 and my day has consisted of...

1.) 3 longgg nursing sessions to calm the baby down where i watched an intense episode of INTERVENTION
2.) lots of carrying amos in 4 different positions around my living room in front of our huge mirror, where i have him stare at himself to cheer him up.
3.) reading amos 3 separate books while he chilled in his bouncer, one which was the baby book of genesis. :)
4.) giving him his second bath of the day (Ricky woke up early and gave him his first) because he exploded out of his diaper all into his onesie.
5.) sticking him in his carseat and taking him to the mall to try to distract him.
6.) carrying him through the mall after looking at one store because he was screaming mayhem.
7.) attempting to replace him in his stroller 27 different times, resulting in him screaming mayhem.
8.) contemplating putting him in the carrier but realizing that might not be such a grand idea because i was already sweating bullets because it's 80 something degrees here, and i fear he'd suffocate in the ergo carrier.
9.) returning to our car after lots of carrying to then nurse him in the backseat
10.) driving back to my apartment, and then sitting in the car for 30 minutes because i don't want to risk waking up teething baby
11.) successfully transporting teething, sleeping baby into apartment where he still blissfully slumbers

things my day has not consisted of...

1.) me eating breakfast
2.) me eating lunch
3.) me showering
4.) me doing something with my hair besides putting on a wool cap to hide its dirtiness, which was an insanely bad idea being it feels like 100 degrees outside while carrying heavy, teething child
5.) responding to all my design requests (hoooray!)

but all in all, it is good. life is beautiful. Amos is a joy, and I just feel terrible that he's aching so much.

hopefully I can relearn what it means to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, because that's my only hope for sanity.

poor little teething man.
 successful baby transfer complete.

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  1. oh man,... been there. funny post, love the pics of the successful transfer. so cute!


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