my freakish twin...

thanks to the dear claire we stumbled across this very frightening engagement photo of some girl, who at that precise angle, is a skinnier version of me...
who knew?

if you know me personally, you are creeped out.


  1. wow, it does look just like you!! so pretty! i looove your little blog header. good job tiffyyyy!!!

  2. so weird! and cool!

    sorry i never replied to your comment on my blog. i have not given emerald a bottle. i got a super nice pump but never really wanted to give emerald a bottle. i think partly because she nursed a lot and seemed to be comforted so much with that, i didn't want to leave her with someone else. we have taken lots of dates with her along. only one so far without her, but we were only out for an hour or two. it would be different i think if i had a close girlfriend who didn't have 4 kids to watch her. but i still probably wouldn't use a bottle. just a personal thing, i guess. she probably nurses around every two hours now, but can def go for longer sometimes.

    it is a more drain (at times) way to do things, but i feel it's best. we are all doing what we think is best right?

    love you tiff. love all your updates!!

  3. so weird we commented on each others blogs at the same time!! LOL

    yes teething is like super-nurse-athon.

    have not gotten my period and don't plan on using any contraceptives so who knows when baby #2 will come???

    it is awesome being her nourishment!!!! and comfort...i really feel for people who don't BF because it seems like it would be hard to comfort baby as easily.

    i let her try some things around 6 or 7 months but we just started doing three "meals" a day.not really ,meals just like a little banana or some of our food or whatever. she can pretty much feed herself. i say WAIT! it makes more sense to me. love you tiffffffff!

  4. oh and yeah i dont tell people how long i want to nurse...they think im crazy already! haha


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