It's all about a wedding to come, It's all about a God that's a Lover.


the weekend was spent in bakersfield, california attending the wedding of two of our beautiful friends Kyle & Maria. Ricky has known Maria for 8 years, and I have known Kyle for 6. It is such a wonderful thing watching our friends fall in love, get married, and start families.

Her entrance was one of the most beautiful, powerful pictures of the Lord's love and return for us I have ever experienced. She came out at the climax of a song singing, "There's going to be a wedding. It's the reason that I'm living: to marry the Lamb."

Even typing it makes me tear up. Every time I watch a couple commit to love each other until death, and to be a picture of Christ and His church - to flesh out the gospel in the 4 walls of their home - I am ruined again with the love of Jesus. He never fails to remind our hearts: He is alive, He is in love, and He has chosen us. 

Spending time with such kindred spirits is always bitter sweet. Reminds me of a what I wrote last summer during wedding season.

I'm thankful for the body of Christ, for the promise of a family that is eternal, and for romances that scream of a greater Love.

To God be the glory, amen.

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