new computers.

we purchased a nice new iMac with our tax refund (well only 1/3 of it) - as we got a super sweet deal with some connections.
with the new computer comes transferring files.
and with those files comes pictures and with those pictures come memories.

ooooh the nostalgia that arises.

times before i was married and the only cares i had were to connect with the Lord
times when Ricky and i were little babies falling in love.
riding the waves of emotions that come with discovering your beloved.
dating seasons, engagement seasons (and all it's stress), wedding photos, the beginnings of marriage and decorating our so small beach apartment, the growing baby amos - skinny, stretchmark free belly days...

and how that ache arises within.
seeing that which will never be again,
but knowing it's worth it to have a strong man, and chubby baby to cuddle with in bed.

to be able to say God is good, even here, and even now.

here's to memories [photobooth style]- starting with the first picture we ever took on the first week we ever met.


  1. i love this post ... and how pictures can evoke so many memories and emotions.

    1. what is Ricky doing in picture #9?
    2. your hair has many evolutions throughout the series, but you totally rock it in every look.

  2. I'm with joanne...WHAT THE HECK was Ricky doing in #9? It reminds me of the early days of learning to ride a skateboard, and hitting a little pebble that would then have me looking like this...Great post by the way! Miss seeing you guys!

  3. God's faithfulness is so sweet beyond words!!


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