high on thrifting since 2nd grade.

So, I don't usually do these linking up things, but I just LOVED this concept because I've been a thrifting mad woman lately. Mostly because it gets us out of the house, and only ends up costing less than $20 (more like less than five bucks). I grab an iced coffee (I'm back on a coffee kick, and I wish I wasn't) - and find treasures. I get in routines of what I'm looking for. Lately it's been: books for Amos, shirts/shoes for Amos, and crafting supplies.

This week I got some sweet items. I'm in a city with more thrift stores than I could even visit in a year - and I'm learning the good (and cheap) ones. We have a downtown goodwill with an entire loft bookstore with a children's area and it is INCREDIBLE. We hang out up there, and read books at least once a week. I like it better than the library because Amos can be loud.

I snatched up tons of books for Amos - I didn't even get to gather them all up to photograph. There is some sort of bible story set I got my hands on, and there's 2 or 3 more not pictured. I also found a clipboard I want to hang with an illustration on it, a sweet tray (trying to change the color theme of my kitchen), and a antique wire basket to organize our bags of coffee beans.

And then of course 3 shirts for Amos at about a quarter a piece - and a power range tee, which is funny because Amos has never in his life seen power rangers, but I like him in yellow, and he needs some graphic tees in his wardrobe. Poor guy is drowning in stripes.

and here is my coffees in their baskets. and don't buy that dunkin donuts mocha mint coffee because it is disgusting.

and that's all of today, folks!

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