FAQ // thrift SUCCESS

Shirt, shoes, and purse all thrifted. OH THE GLORIES!*
[correction! shoes from ms. tips vintage.]

I had a great morning thrifting (Amos made it through 3 different stores + Michaels!) and I've spent Amos' nap doing things around the house and some computer tasks that needed to be done. I'm excited for Ricky to get home this evening, as I have a family craft planned.

*PS those pictures are not from today, because trust me - i woke up early and threw on a sweatshirt (with lace on it, at least) and my hair into a pony. early morning thrift store trips with a toddler look scary. i posted this because 1/2 my outfit was thrifted. WOOOOOOOOOOO cheap stuff!!!

*PSS I'm embracing the camera here.


I'm adding a FAQ to my blog, with some questions I have received from readers (and a couple I added in case someone ever wanted to ask!). Before I posted it as a tab, I wanted to post it for everyone. Does anyone else have any questions? Leave them as a comment or email me at seetheskyline@gmail.com and I'd love to answer them for you!

What type of camera and lenses do you use?

I most often use my iPhone4. For my real photography needs (and you can tell the difference!) I use a Canon EOS 40D with a Canon 50mm lens - the cheapest version. I also use a Canon zoom lens, 28-90mm. We found our camera on craigs list for a sweet deal. I also use a Holga once in awhile.

What is your parenting philosophy?

I plan to write about this more, but I have (non-intentionally) grown into the method of "attachment parenting." I didn't read any books, but over time realized that is what I feel most comfortable doing as a mother. I believe mothering should be a natural overflow of the personality God gave you. If a mom thrives on schedules and a lot of order, that is what the Lord knew her children needed. If your a little more "go with the flow", your child will benefit under your laid-back nature.

Nursing on demand, co-sleeping (half the night) lots of holding, baby wearing, baby lead food introduction, etc. was what worked with Amos as a baby and I as a mom. It's not the perfect way for everyone, and there are a lot of times I wish he slept all night in a crib - but this is what we do. :)

Where do you attend church?

We are part of a family located in City Heights in San Diego called All Peoples. If you are in the area, come visit!

What is your job?

I am a shop owner and graphic designer over at See the Skyline on etsy. But most of all, I'm a wife & a mom. (oh, and a blogger too!)

Can you design something for me?

Yes! I am open to any design requests. I have worked with 2 major organizations as a graphic designer, and have designed for friends, brides, parents, and more! I have experience in tee-shirt design, web banners, web buttons, logos, book covers, pamphlets, wedding programs/menus/invitations/save-the-dates/etc, custom maps, album art, and more! Feel free to email me at seetheskyline@gmail.com and I can give you a quote.

Can I advertise on your blog?

Yes, of course! Head on over here to find out more.

Where did you work/live before San Diego?

I grew up in Belleville, Illinois - a small town right outside of St. Louis, Mo. I lived for a brief while in Plymouth, Michigan with my best friend Brittany and was a part of their local house of prayer. I then moved to a small town (barely a town!) in East Texas to work with a ministry called Teen Mania Ministries and attended the Honor Academy. I worked as a graphic designer and small group leader there. I then moved to Kansas City, Missouri to be apart of the International House of Prayer and worked on staff doing graphic design and PR work for TheCall. During this time I met my husband Ricky, got engaged and moved to San Diego to plan a wedding and get married 6 months later! Here I am. :)

Where do you shop for Amos?

Find out where a lot of his clothes come from on this post.

What diapers and baby products do you use?

I wrote a big post about that here.

Why do you blog?

Rambled on and on about that here.

Who made Amos' first birthday and birth video?

Amos' amazing birthday video and birth video were created by my brother-in-law. You can email him to inquire about video work (he lives in San Diego county, but is willing to travel!) at mmuniz84@gmail.com.

It seems like you travel so much with Amos, even when he was very small. How do you do it?

All the tricks of the trade are found on this post I wrote.

Feel free to email me any other questions you have! I'd love to chitchat -- seetheskyline@gmail.com.

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