starting a new feature giving a glimpse of what we are seeing and feeling in our little corner of the world.


1 // 2 // life in southern california really is a dream at times. the ability to walk outside my apartment to perfect weather: never shivering, never too wet, and never sweating from humidity. it's crazy, that this has become our normal. my vitamin d is overflowing and i think it's a small gift from the Lord. seasonal depression and grey skies are something i've had a visit from a time or two, and i'm grateful my son can run in the sunlight and maybe have less acne when he's a teen then if he knew humidity. ;) i'm grateful
3 // not to say the rainy days are beautiful as well. we had some this weekend. they come a couple times a year, usually in a trio. the 3 days matched perfectly to our cooped up weekend with our beautiful and sickly boy. the raindrops remind me of home, the great midwest, the green trees dancing in the rainstorm - like getting a shower after being born into spring. it makes me miss the calming sound of windshield wipers on my way to school, and days recess was declared indoors because the blacktop was too wet.

the sun and the rain declare the glory of God.

take a peek into the north and the south. (my beautiful friends with beautiful thoughts.)

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