happy birthday baby.


i have been wanting to do one of these surprise balls ever since i saw them on this blog. ricky's birthday was fast approaching, and we were about to go on a huge 2 week family vacation days after - so we had a tight, tight budget. i wanted to do something memorable and cheap.

so amos and i hopped in the car and drove to target. we picked up smaller items - a lot were found in the party favor section. we came home and i wrapped it. each item had a corresponding note. most were so absolutely corny, that as ricky kept finding them he'd respond with, "good one, babe!" hahaha. the whole experience was really fun.

an example of the message was a "i'm still so 'nuts' for you." with a small packet of cashews. and some were a little PG-13 rated, too. ;)

i even included some small animal creatures with messages from amos, and some encouraging words from some of our friends.

it was so much fun, and such a mess - and i think it was really unexpected. amos had a blast playing with all the craziness after ricky was done - it took about 30 minutes of unraveling!


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