I < 3 NYC - Part I


On our vacation we flew into Newark, and spent the day before we ported in NYC. This was my first encounter with the city, and I think it was a little overwhelming having to drive in and out of the city, and walk around with a little toddler - on a pretty humid day.

We ended up visiting 2 days after our trip, before we flew home, and that's when I fell in love - but this day the hustle and bustle was A LOT for a little family. It was cool to experience it though. We took the subway, visited Central Park, FAO Schwarz, the Shake Shack in the park (beats In N' Out) - soooo delicious. We also explored Time Square. I think the other districts/neighborhoods beat out Times Square, so it was pretty intense having that as our first encounter. After the cruise we visited SoHo and some other great, less (SIGN SIGN SIGN LIGHT LIGHT PEOPLE) places that I really enjoyed.

We walked so much, I honestly somehow injured the bridge of my foot in my supportless flats that ached the whole cruise! idk how these business women tromp around in heels all day long!
inspired by the rockstar diary's obsession.

whatever craziness appears in this photograph, multiply it by 100000 and that is the madness of Time's Square.

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