sugar firsts.

while we were on vacation, amos was able to partake in some extra special privileges. we were on a cruise for 10 days with my husband's family - and there was plenty of goodies to be tasted.

here amos is tasting his first ice cream cone. after this he was a goner. pointing and asking for "I-SKEEM!" everytime someone was walking around the deck with one in their hand, or at dinner - before his entree even arrived. he was a fanatic for vanilla, and thankfully since arriving home he hasn't been asking for it. ice cream will be a very, very special occasion privilege. :) it's good to enjoy treats, as long as we know they are sometimes foods, not all the time foods.

i hope i'm instilling healthy boundaries and good balances in amos' life. who honestly knows how to do that anyways?!


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